Distance Running Stretching Routine

taught by Sasha A Foster
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Sasha A Foster
Sasha A Foster
Physical Therapist

About the Instructor

Sasha A Foster is dedicated to providing our canine companions with the same high quality physical therapy treatments and conditioning programs human enjoy.

She completed her training as a human physical therapist at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania, in 2000. She became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist through Canine Rehab Institute in Wellington, Florida in 2009. Currently she is the Rehabilitation Coordinator for the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. In this capacity she works with a team of professionals to build one of the first university-level Canine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Departments in the world.

Sasha is also a faculty member for Canine Rehab Institute, one of two certifying bodies in the United States that trains veterinarians and physical therapists throughout the world how to become certified canine rehabilitation therapists.

She is the author of seven canine rehabilitation publications including: the co-authored The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog, A Physical Therapy Approach (Dogwise Publishing, Wenatchee, Washington); a book based on her patented stretching method, straight plane stabilized stretching for animals. In 2009 the book won the Maxwell Award for Best Health and Care Book. She and her co-author went on to produce the DVD of The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog in 2010. Her next book, Canine Cross Training, Building Balance, Strength and Endurance in Your Dog, was released in 2013 and won the Eukaneuba Best Health Book in 2014. Over the next few years she released five self-published clinical rehabilitation manuals including The Complete Conditioning Program, Home Exercises, Home Exercise Programs, Treatment Protocols and the Canine Rehabilitation Treatment Library. She is also a contributing author for the rehabilitation text books, the Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Her publications may be purchased on her web site, www.artofcaninept.com or at her business web site, www.caninerehabshop.com.

She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she enjoys cross country skiing, fiction writing and spending time in the high mountain desert of Northwestern Colorado where her family has resided for four generations.

Just like in fitness class, grab your mat, find a comfortable spot, and complete the Distance Running Stretching Routine with your dog.

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Distance Running Stretching Routine